MTag®- The Dental Facebow App is Coming Soon

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A Dental Facebow App

Download the MTag®️ App to any Android or Apple mobile device. MTag®️ will mean you no longer need to send facebow components to your laboratory. Completely digital dental occlusal assessment on your phone or tablet and for use with intra-oral scanners or conventional impressions. Cross infection risk is greatly reduced.

MTag®️ is accurate, quicker and provides more information than many other conventional or digital occlusal assessment systems. Patients find MTag®️ more comfortable.

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Integration with any CADCAM software environment

No additional hardware required. MTag®️ will allow correct orientation of conventional or digital impressions within any virtual articulator so that prosthesis can be designed and manufactured while respecting occlusion.

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Deep learning and Augmented Reality to Improve Biological Assessment

Point cloud semantic segmentation allows assessment of patient anatomy with MTag®️ to be quick and accurate. Cross referencing with anthropological and anatomical data to provide robust estimation of faces and relationships with underlying skeletal structures. MTag®️ uses visual and non-visual odometery to stabililse point cloud assembly which will tolerate environmental variables such as light changes and large movements by patients and clinical staff.

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MTag not ready to download yet. Watch this space!!

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